Modular CCT downdraft table is designed for fumes and combustion products extraction during thermal cutting of metal sheets. CCT is suitable for plasma, laser, gas and other types of thermal cutting applications.

The table has modular design and consists of standard CCT-modules. Range of CCT-modules includes the ones with different length and width, thus providing the possibility to build a table of required size.

Filter unit and extraction fan are required for operation and must be ordered separately. Their types depend on the table size and parameters of cutting applications.


  • All types of metal thermal cutting (plasma, laser, gas etc)

The module body (1) is a welded metal structure. It is divided into 3 or 4 sections, each 515 mm wide, separated from each other by partitions. Chambers(2) are inserted into the body, which serves to collect solid waste arising in the process of thermal cutting of metal. One chamber is inserted into each section of the body. Capacious dust collectors allow less cleaning of the table. On top of the chambers, sieves (3) are placed, the task of which is to catch and prevent small parts from falling down. The upper part of the module is made up of plates (5) vertically inserted into the slots of the frame (4). Plates serve directly to place metal sheets on them, from which parts are cut.

For ease of installation, the table is equipped with special eyelets. Due to the fact that they are removable, it is possible to install individual table modules in turn using just one set of lifting eyes.

The simple design of the table allows for quick cleaning and, if necessary, it is easy to replace any unit. The extraction table is thus highly reliable and designed for use in difficult conditions.

  • Modular design, flexible solution
  • Reliable pneumatic components
  • Reduced airflow capacity required
  • Easy installation
  • Not suitable for operation in presence of explosive or combustible materials in the air
  • Not suitable for extraction of aggressive vapors and gases
Article №ModelRec. airflow, m3/hDim. of metal sheet,
LxW, m
Max. allowed load, kgConnection
diameter, mm
Weight, kg
5343CCT 15 x 2036002 x 1,5Standard — 1010
Reinforced — 1620
5357CCT 15 x 1536001,5 x 1,5480
5358CCT 20 x 1548001,5 x 2610
5344CCT 20 x 2048002 x 2790

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