Electrostatic filters of ESP-5000 series are designed for filtration and cleaning of aerosols of dry and solid substances, welding fumes of low concentration and fine non-metallic dusts with particle sizes down to 0,05 microns. ESP-5000 filters are equipped with alarm system that controls the condition of filter elements. In addition to long-life electrostatic filtration system, ESP-5000 can be equipped with additional carbon filter module to absorb gaseous substances and odors or ion-exchange filter module that allows to capture certain types of gazes. ESP-5000 units are supposed to be used with two standard 200mm extraction arms, which are ordered separately. ESP-5000 units are suitable for continuous indoor operation under the following environmental conditions: ambient temperature from +10 to +45°C and relative humidity of 80% at 25°C.

Processes and applications
• Welding processes

• Not suitable for extraction of any type of metallic dust
• Not suitable for continuous operation and for high-intensity applications


  • Built-in alarm system
  • Low lifetime costs
  • Wall-hanging, less space needed
  • Washable filtration cells
  • Additional carbon filter (option)
  • Compatible with all standard extraction arms
Article №
fan model*
Intake chamber
Airflow, m3/h
Filtration surface, m2
efficiency, %
Weight, kg
27083ESP-5000-11c-4.6VMA/VMK-4700spIS-5000 (2x250 mm
side connections)
27085ESP-5000-12c-4.6VMA/VMK-4700spIS-5200 (2x160 mm
bottom connections)
27087ESP-5000-13c-4.6VMA/VMK-4700sSTOS-5000 (small,
250 mm bottom

  • Inlet chamber
  • Ionization cell (2pcs)
  • Pre-filter (2 pcs)
  • Blowout output filter (2 pcs)
  • Mounting flange for VMA fan
  • Precipitation cell (2 pcs)
  • Control panel (including fan starter and thermal relay)
Article №ModelDescripton
6389sCF-002Carbon filter
6387sFF-3000Pre-filter, aluminum, washable
6049sIO-3000Ionization cell, aluminum, washable, 10 tungsten threads
6048sEC-3000Precipitation cell, aluminum, washable, 83 precipitation plates
6385sPF-5000Floor stand
16435DetergentConcentrate of liquid detergent for cells washing
10824sBF-ESP5Blowout outpit filter, G4 (2 pcs requiered).
Only for new generation of ESP-5000 filters.

Additional filtration modules

Article №ModelDescriptonPressure drop, Pa
6299sMCF-ESP5Carbon filter for ESP-5000. Mostly efficient for capturing of odours (VOC) gases and CO. Carbon filter module contains two standard replaceable carbon filters sCF-002. The delivery package of sCF-ESP5 includes two carbon filters sCF-002.400

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