Vertical pre-separators of VPS series are designed for separation of the dust from airflow. They are recommended to use as preliminary stage of filtration installed before main filters of DCSC series or others, to reduce dust concentration at main filter inlet and prolonging the life of filter elements.

These pre-separators are suitable for separation of any kind of dry non-sticky dust. Separation efficiency heavily depends on the dust particles sizes and airflow. Usually it varies from 60% to 90%.

Industries and applications
• Sand blasting
• Blasting
• Abrasive materials handling
• Grinding
• Material transportation
• Unloading of bulk materials

• Not suitable for explosive or combustible substances
• Not suitable for materials that tend to smolder or self-ignite


  • Robust and reliable design
  • Suitable for abrasive dust
  • Environmental resistant powder coating
  • Prolongs life of filter elements
  • Can be used as a filter for coarse dust
  • Reduces wear of tubing and air ducts
Article №ModelAirflow, m3Pressure drop
(at stated airflow, Pa)
Inlet/Outlet diameters, mm

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