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Our company traces its history to 1989, when the St. Petersburg together with the Swedish company “PLYMOVENT” was created by production company, which started to produce ventilation equipment at the Russian base. Today “SovPlym” has its own powerful production, a wide network of branches all over Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries, countries of the East. High quality of products allows it to export successfully.

“SovPlym” is the exclusive representative of well-known manufacturers of equipment for the different
ventilation systems, training and air purification, aspiration and dedusting systems, control systems, and environment protection, smoking places, welding and cutting, as well as other industrial and manufacturing applications.

Our company employs more than 500 highly qualified employees – engineers, technicians and workers.
We create innovative equipment to ensure healthy and safe working conditions in the workplace. SovPlym traces its history back to 1989, when a production company was created in St. Petersburg (Russia) as a joint-venture between Russian partners and Swedish company “PLYMOVENT”. This new company started to produce ventilation equipment on its own production facility in St. Petersburg.

Today SovPlym is a stable company with several production plants, wide network of branch offices and distributors all over Russia and CIS countries. High quality of products allows SovPlym to export them to successfully outside CIS area to Asian and Middle East markets.

SovPlym is the exclusive representative of a number of well-known manufacturers of industrial ventilation systems, air purification equipment, dedusting and aspiration systems, control elements, welding and thermal cutting products, environment protection solutions and equipment for smoking places.

SovPlym employs more than 500 highly qualified employees – engineers, technicians, servicemen and workers.
We create innovative products and engineering solutions for healthy and safe working conditions.


What helps us to be a leader:
– building long-term relationships with our customers
– introduction of new technologies to manufacturing
– continuous development of own research capabilities
– constant updating and actualization of our product portfolio

We understand the needs of our customers and focus on maintaining highest level of their satisfaction by providing only the best, proven and reliable solutions.


SovPlym is certified in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international quality standards. All manufactured products undergo strict quality control at all stages of production.

Imported products supplied by “SovPlym” are produced by reliable world-known manufacturers in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

All products, parts and consumables have all mandatory documents and are certified by Russian and European standards.


SovPlym provides the whole range of services for design, development, supply, installation, and maintenance of:
– local extraction ventilation systems
– air purification systems
– vacuum cleaning systems
– gas treatment systems and aspiration systems
– vehicle exhaust removal systems
– OEM extraction solutions
– households, office, and semi-industrial air purification systems


Technical specialists of the company partipate and organize regular seminars and product trainings to make the detailed  information about modern tendencies and solutions in local extraction ventilation available to all technical specialist, project designers, environmental officers and other specialists interested.

SovPlym is ready to provide technical support and assistance to project designers and project design companies who are working with its equipment and use it in the projects.

SovPlym has several production sites with a total area of 20 000 m2.
Full production cycle from raw materials to end products ensures strict quality control on each stage of production.


Today, SovPlym production uses AMADA machines for processing of sheet metal. AMADA brand is well-recognized as one of the world leaders in production of specialized equipment for sheet metal fabrication.Laser cutting machines of SovPlym production allows to cut down parts from metal sheets with the thickness of up 10 mm with ± 0,1 mm accuracy. Quality of SovPlym laser cutting allows to receive parts with high surface quality, that reduces necessity in additional surface treatment.Coordinate turntable press of the new generation is used by SovPlym production as an alternative to laser technology. With the same high level of quality it allows shaping the parts with large number of holes directly from metal sheet, therefore significantly reducing production cycle and time that is needed for operation.For metal cutting and bending SovPlym uses high-precision guillotine and band saws supplied by Belgium company IRLEN.


For welding processes and applications SovPlym uses equipment of  Air Liquide Welding and WECO companies with high-quality consumables produced in European countries.


For painting processes three semi-automatic powder coating lines that use paints from DUPONT and Tecnos companies, providing reliable wear-resistant polymeric coating and good appearance of products. The spraying is done by tribostatic method that, unlike electrostatic, provides the highest quality of surface treatment and powder coating of parts.


Assembly process of end products is organized with the utilization of intermediate warehouse nodes that ensures uninterrupted supply of assembly kits available to production teams. Such organization of assembly line guarantees fast movement of products and efficient use of working time and warehouse space.


SovPlym production is based on the international standards of quality management system and is certified according to ISO 9001/2000. All products and parts produced by SovPlym pass strict quality control performed by internal Quality Control Department.

Besides controling the quality of its own products, SovPlym Quality Department checks and inspects all purchased materials and parts and imported products.

For each of produced fan the dynamic balancing procedure is done on a special stand that allowing to determine exact fan characteristics and adjust it to the best possible performance.

“SovPlym” offers services in laser and plasma cutting, welding, cutting, bending, cutting
and other machining of metal, powder coating:
Metal cutting:

– Black laser cutting sheet metal up to 6 mm
– Laser cutting of stainless steel to a thickness of 4 mm
– Plasma cutting (sheet) metal up to 38 mm thick


– Semi-automatic MIG welding
– Contact welding


– Production perforations sheet thickness 2 mm
– Bending the sheet metal up to 2 m
– Turning, milling work
– Powder coating
– Metal fabrication


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