Sovplym Seminar Chakan

Technical Seminar at Chakan

First technical seminar in India from Sovplym India was held in one of Industrial Parks of Maharashtra (Chakan). The seminar was organized at Marriott hotel located directly in the center of the industrial park. We invited few hundred of managers and specialists from nearby factories, making it easy for them to attend the event. The main event of the day was the presentation of various equipment, manufactured by SovPlym. After the presentation, all guests got a chance to see working demonstration of our equipments. The specialists could touch and feel the equipments build quality. We introduced new mobile filters, stationary systems and fans.
  All staff members of our Indian branch and management from the Russian head office were having individual discussions with our guests after the main presentation on specific cases requiring ventilation solutions. The occasion turned out to be an interesting and helpful meeting for both us and our guests. In future we plan to organize more of such seminars in other Industrial Parks in different states across India.

Article published on December 11, 2019

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