Customer Profile: Amiad Water Systems (Kibbutz Amiad) Location: Ami’ad, Israel Problem: High concentration of welding smoke. The customer had a problem with toxic emissions in welding processes which were released into the factory space from the different positions in the production area. In the production hall, there was only peripheral ventilation and due to the heavy uses, there were high levels of toxic particles in the air. Poor working conditions in the work environment affected both the quality and efficiency of work and the health of workers. Solution: Extraction arms at the welding positions In order to create a clean and safe working environment, extraction arms were fitted to the 14 welding stations in the factory. The arms have been installed to allow comfort and ease of operation while leaving the workspace free of pipes and obstacles. The arms are connected to a number of fans so that when using several positions energy efficiency and power saving can be achieved. Extraction from the source by the extraction arms has reduced the concentration of toxic particles in the plant space to a permissible level. Equipment supplied: BEA, TEF, VMK
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