CUSTOMER PROFILE: Surgutneftegaz, Chemical industry (Nizhniy Sartim, Surgutskiy r., Russia) PROBLEM: High indoor concentration of exhaust fumes Customer had a problem with high concentration of hazardous exhaust fumes inside the transport depot. To extract the emissions from 52 diesel vehicles working simultaneously customer used general ventilation system. Since the ventilation system was not designed for this purpose, big amount of fumes remained inside the depot and therefore a lot of electrical energy had been wasted without much purpose. SOLUTION: Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems To solve the customer’s problem we installed a number of Vehicle Exhaust Removal systems. We decided to install several system because of the size of the depot and huge number of vehicles. Each vehicle’ parking place was equipped with its own hose reel set with robust heat-resistant hose and exhaust nozzle that captures virtually all the exhaust emissions at source. The installation of SovPlym Vehicle Exhaust Removal system reduced the concentration of exhaust fumes, got rid of bad smell in the depot and saved a lot of energy as the general ventilation system was used less intensively. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Installation and system details To ensure effective extraction of exhaust fumes from the vehicles, SovPlym installed centralized Vehicle Exhaust Removal system. Each of 12 fans in the system serve 4-5 ARS spring exhaust reels equipped with heat-resistant retractable hoses of 12,5m length. The capacity of the system can be adjusted through frequency inverter, therefore providing optimal level of power consumptions. With the installation of SovPlym vehicle exhaust removal system, the rate of usage of general ventilation became 3-times lower. Connection to the vehicle exhaust pipes is done by steel iGripST exhaust nozzles that provide about 99% extraction efficiency. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia (TMMR) – First Automobile Works Toyota Motor Corporation Japanese company in Russia. The plant is located near the village. Shushary in St. Petersburg. “The philosophy of labor” in the Toyota – a respect for people and the constant striving for the best. If you are willing to share these principles – you will be a valuable employee TMMR.

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