Abrasion-resistant PU foil suction and delivery hose with external clamping spiral that protects the hose material from external friction.

• Suction of abrasive solids
• Air-conditioning and ventilation systems
• Low-pressure range

• outer chafing protection spiral
• good mechanical resistance
• good resistance to oil and petrol fumes
• cold resistant
• highly flexible
• extremely compressible to approx. 1:6
• smallest bending radius
• highly abrasion-resistant
• more environmentally friendly alternative to other PVC hoses
• significantly higher temperature resistance as other PVC hoses
• extremely lightweight

Construction / material:
• clip profile spiral: hot-dip galvanised steel band
• wall: pure polyurethane foil, plasticiser-free

Temperature Range:
-40°C to +90°C
peak temp. up to +125°C


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