Underpressure for suction in the vacuum dust cleaning systems is created by Roots vacuum pump. High underpressure created by it allows providing necessary airflow in flexible hoses and pipelines. Working principle of Roots compressor is in rotation of two identical rotors with flaps in compressing surface, working as a rotating piston. When rotating, they capture the incoming flow of gas from the suction inlet, gradually isolate it in openings between flaps and body, compress and move it towards pressurizing pipe, pushing through the outlet opening.


Capacity875 m3/h1300 m3/h1960 m3/h2930 m3/h
Negative pressure
-50 kPa
Power18.5 kW30 kW37 kW55 kW
Suction flange diameter100 mm125 mm150 mm200 mm
Weight730 kg800 kg1650 kg1800 kg

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