ARSL is a reliable, fully automatic exhaust extraction system, designed for functionality and efficiency. It is safe, user-friendly and will improve the daily work for your fire fighters and emergency personnel. It is specially designed for fire- and rescue stations, with vehicles that are standing by ready to leave at any moment. The system consists of an aluminum track, equipped with a sliding balancer, and a self-detachable pneumatic ESQ nozzle that automatically releases from the exhaust pipe at the end of the track when the vehicle departs. ESQ nozzles are best suited for vehicles with the exhaust pipe located at the rear or bottom sides. Delivery package of the ARSL system includes all components normally needed for the mounting and installation. Fans, controls and automatic on/off systems are not included and should be ordered separately.



  • Fire stations
  • Emergency stations


  • Free car movement
  • Automatic nozzle disconnection
  • No additional space required
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic start/stop by pressure sensor (option)
  • 100% vehicle exhaust extraction
Rail length6; 9 m
Exhaust hose diameter100; 125; 150 mm
Exhaust hose length6; 10 m
Max T of exhaust150 °C
Diameter of pneumatic exhaust nozzle180 mm
Exhaust pipe diameter60-170 mm
Rail mounting height
• Min
• Max

3,5 m
5,0 m
Diameter of the adapter for connection to ventilation system100; 125; 150 mm
Compressed air pipe diameter8 mm
Compressed air pressure
• Min
• Max

1 atm
6 atm
• ARSL-6
• ARSL-9

42 kg
49 kg
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