High-temperature hose made of specially coated heat-resistant fabric, reinforced with stainless steel thread, with heat resistance up to 450°C. It is mainly suitable as an exhaust hose for hot air; used in exhaust systems, furnaces, steel mills, in mechanical engineering.


• mainly suitable as an exhaust hose;
• to hot air;
• exhaust systems;
• ovens;
• steel mills;
• mechanical engineering;
• protection against infrared radiation;
• for reduced pressure conditions;
• smoke removal;
• only conditionally suitable for removal of exhaust gases.



• very good resistance to high temperature;
• does not contain silicone;
• very flexible;
• very well compressible 1: 6;
• small bending radius;
• increased resistance to vacuum due to thread reinforcement made of stainless steel;
• external steel spiral protects against wear;
• only conditionally suitable for continuous bending;
• a special clamping method provides high tensile strength of the hose material and the external spiral.

Construction / Material:

• hose wall: specially coated high-temperature fabric reinforced with stainless steel thread;
• external spiral: galvanized steel.

Available in different diameters. Consult your local SovPlym Office.


Article №Diameter, mmBending radius, mmWeight, kg/mStandard lengths, m
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