Stationary wall mounted filter unit DCSC-W is designed for extraction and cleaning of air from aerosols and dusts emitted during welding, gas cutting, metalworks and other dust generating applications. DCSC-W is intended for indoor operation. Unit is equipped with highly efficient compressed air supply is required. Additional cleaning efficiency is provided by vertical positioning of filter cartridges and special air splitter inserts installed in each filter cartridge of the unit.

Industries and applications
• Welding processes
• Dust extraction

• Not suitable for explosive or combustible substances
• Not suitable for materials that tend to smolder or self-ignite


  • Simple and robust design
  • Different installation options
  • Compatible with standard extraction arms
  • Built-in fan (option)
ModelAirflow, m3/hFiltration area, m2No. of cartridgesConnection, mmDust binFan modelFan power, kW
DCSC-W-2x160-002x10002x122 160x210l, hinged VM-60004.0
DCSC-W-2x160-022x10002x122 160x22x40l, floor VM-60004.0
DCSC-W-200-0020002x12220010l, hinged VM-60004.0
DCSC-W-200-0220002x122200 2x40l, floor VM-60004.0
Article №Catridge type
Application areaFeatures
6901Acart-12Dust with parcticle size over 0.5 µm prone to electrostatic charge
Preliminary coating is not necessary. Antistatic PTFE membrane Polyester.
6903Tcart-12Plasma, laser and gas cutting aerosols. Welding aerosols.
Sublimates, soldering fumes. Various types of dust with majority of fine fraction (Dust with parcticle size less than 0.5 µm)
Preliminary coating is not necessary. PTFE membrane Polyester.

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