Wall-mounted mechanical self-cleaning extractor DCSC-W with vertical cartridges for technological processes with initial dust concentration up to 2 g/m3.

DCSC-W is equipped with built-in fan in noise-reduction jacket. Does not require silencer due special design of outlet pipe joint. Clean air is routed directly upwards, which excludes draft and provides for comfortable working conditions for personnel.
DCSC-W can be equipped with two extraction arms or with one extraction arm of 200 mm diameter. It also can be mounted on a floor stand.

Applications & Industries

  1. Welding works
  2. Stripping, polishing and treatment of surfaces


Environment and contaminated air must be inexplosive and must not contain aggressive steam and gases, and prone to decay and self-combustion material and particles.



  • Different mounting variants: wall-mount to save space of the floor and floor stand for placement flexibility.
  • Single control enclosure can be installed in a convenient place
  • 4 types of cartridges for different processes
  • Vertical cartridges
  • Quick and easy cartridges replacement
  • Reliable splitter instead of rotating valves
  • Extraction arms are mounted directly on filter
  • Convenient and safe system of dustbin disconnection
  • Intellectual self-cleaning with ΔP function
  • Built-in compressor as an option
  • Low level of noise of built-in fan
  • Oil-water separator with reducer and manometer (for models without compressor)
  • New controller with text display
  • Digital indication of cartridge pollution on display
  • Visible and audible alarm

Features & Operating principles
The dust collector is a hanging modular unit, which includes:

  • metal body with internal bulkhead to divide cambers with clean and polluted air, in the latter of which two vertical cartridges are located;
  • cylindrical filter element with corrugated (infolded) surface with additional sinus-shaped embossment, which provides for high effectiveness of dust particles dissociation with filter surface area while shaking and prevention of decrease of surface area due to corrugations coupling because of working fan depression;
  • automatic cartridge regeneration system, which does not require fan switch off (cartridges are cleaned by air pulse backwash);
  • built-in oilless compressor for workplaces, which are not equipped with compressed air;
  • built-in fan in noise-reduction jacket; clean air is routed upwards, which excludes draft and provides for comfortable working conditions for personnel.

Extractor is controlled with control panel with ΔР function.

Superviser performs cartridges cleaning upon certain pressure drop is reached. Control panel is built in a shape of a metal cabinet and is placed separately from a filter unit (or nearby) in a suitable place.

Filters are designed to work with BEA extraction arms, which are mounted directly on input adapter or with other SovPlym extraction arms (EF, EC) or airducts nearby of the filter.

In cases, when mounting on the wall or other vertical surfaces is not possible – a floor stand can be used.

Requirements to environmental conditions

Environmental conditions
Minimum working temperature5 °C
Maximum working temperature45 °C
Maximum relative humidity at 25 °C80%
Maximum temperature of contaminated air80 °C
Requirements to environmental conditions and incoming air
Airflow must not be explosive. It also must not contain aggressive steam and gases, sticky and fibrous dust and materials, which are prone to self-ignition and decay.

Working principle

  • Air-dust flow is sucked through extraction arm nozzles by the vacuum force, which is created by a fan (item 6). Contaminated air goes round protective screen deflector (item 4), which captures large particles and evenly distributer flow to filtering chamber. Air further proceeds through cartridges filter material (item 8), on which the rest of particles reside and clean air is returned to premises through outlet in upper part of filter body.
  • During operation dust layer of cartridges surface gets thicker, resistance increases and regeneration is required.
  • Clogged cartridges are clean by blowback by compressed air pulses. This process is automated and controlled by controller with ΔР function, which is part of control panel. Pressure drop (ΔР) between contaminated and clean air chambers by built-in differential manometer. Once the required ΔР is reached, the filter is regenerated.
  • Equal distribution of compressed airflow on inner layer of cartridges is achieved deflector insert.
  • As a result, pollutants, which reside on outer filter surface are shaken into dustbin (item 1).
  • For filter units without compressor, compressed air is supplier from local source. To protect filter from oil and moisture in local compressed air oil-water separator (item 10) is used.

General view of filter and its parts

1 – dustbin;
2 – dustbin mounting elements;
3 – inlet structure;
4 – screen deflector;
5 – filter body;
6 – fan structure;
7 – mounting lugworm;
8 – cartridge;
9 – clamp plate;
10 – oil-water separator;
11 – terminal block;
12 – protective valve
ModelAirflow, m3/hFiltration area, m2No. of cartridgesConnection, mmDust binFan modelFan power, kW
DCSC-W-2x160-002x10002x122 160x210l, hinged VM-60004.0
DCSC-W-2x160-022x10002x122 160x22x40l, floor VM-60004.0
DCSC-W-200-0020002x12220010l, hinged VM-60004.0
DCSC-W-200-0220002x122200 2x40l, floor VM-60004.0
Article №Catridge type
Application areaFeatures
6901Acart-12Dust with parcticle size over 0.5 µm prone to electrostatic charge
Preliminary coating is not necessary. Antistatic PTFE membrane Polyester.
6903Tcart-12Plasma, laser and gas cutting aerosols. Welding aerosols.
Sublimates, soldering fumes. Various types of dust with majority of fine fraction (Dust with parcticle size less than 0.5 µm)
Preliminary coating is not necessary. PTFE membrane Polyester.

Delivery set

  • Control panel with display, controller with ΔP function and electronic differential manometer, actuator and temperature relay;
  • Fan in noise reduction jacket;
  • Suspension dustbin, capacity 22 l — 2 pcs;
  • Filter cartridge, 12 m² — 2 pcs;
  • Oil-water separator for compressed air with pressure adjustment and manometer;
  • Inlet structure:
    • with two Ø160 mm inlets for BEA-M-XH(L) (models DCSC-W-2х160 and DCSC-W-2х160-К);
    • with one Ø200 mm inlet for BEA-200-XH(L) (models DCSC-W-200 and DCSC-W-200-К);
  • Built-in compressor (in «К» models).

The delivery set does not include (to be ordered separately):

  • Extraction arms:
    • Ø160 mm — 2 pcs (models DCSC-W-2х160 and DCSC-W-2х160-К);
    • Ø200 mm — 1 pc (models DCSC-W-200 and DCSC-W-200-К);
  • Built-in compressor (in «К» models).
    • Ø160 mm — 2 pcs (models DCSC-W-2х160 and DCSC-W-2х160-К);
    • Ø200 mm — 1 pc (models DCSC-W-200 and DCSC-W-200-К);
  • Compressed air compressor (in models without «К» notice).

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