The Diluter system, like Push-Pull, is a technical solution based on the principle of maintaining organized air circulation in individual areas or throughout the workshop space. The welding cloud is forcedly displaced by directed jets with the aim of capturing, filtering, and returning the cleaned air to the room using a specially designed and tuned filter-ventilation unit.

One of the main differences between Diluter and Push-Pull systems is the range of the air jets. Diluter systems are designed to serve rooms with a span of up to 50 m, and Push-Pull systems – up to 24 m.

Diluter systems prevent the accumulation of welding fumes, as well as reduce the background concentration of harmful substances in the total production space. Diluter systems are always an individual solution, taking into account the features of the production process, the arrangement of equipment and products, as well as the construction parameters of the room in which this process takes place.

Features of Diluter Systems
• Designed for rooms up to 50 m wide.
• Does not require duct installation.
• Easy to move to another place.
• Made on a single frame for easy transportation.
• Are completed with the automatic control panel.


During the development of Diluter systems, the physical property of welding aerosols to ascend and hover at a height of 4–6 m was taken into account, forming a cloud that is clearly visible visually.

To eliminate welding smoke, a filter-ventilation unit has been developed, equipped with a special supply device with nozzles having a range of up to 50 m.

The standard nozzles of the supply device have a diameter of 160 mm and are designed for a maximum airflow rate of up to 1,500 m3/h. Depending on the size of the room, the length of the air stream can be reduced or increased using the built-in control device – the damper. Range and performance can also be controlled by installing nozzles of a different diameter or by changing the fan performance with a frequency converter installed in the control panel.

The nozzles of the supply device can be rotated in all directions, which makes it possible to organize an effective displacement of welding smoke from the breathing zone of the workers towards the suction device of the Diluter installation.

Diluter systems are equipped with modern self-cleaning filters with a high degree of purification, as well as a special automatic control panel- CONT-DS.

The calculation of the number of Diluter installations, the determination of their location, the direction and speed of the flows is carried out by  JSC SovPlym specialists based on the room volume, span width, type of welding, wire (electrode) consumption, grade of metals being welded and a number of other parameters.

Maximum productivity of the system9000
Total number of nozzles6
Max. airflow through one nozzle (reach distance - 50m)
Max. airflow through one nozzle (reach distance - 20m)
1500 cmh
1000 cmh
Integrated fan power, kW11 kW, 3phase, 50Hz
Filtering surface area of ​​self-cleaning filter DCSC-S-10-V-T12120 m2
Type of filtration materialPolyester with PTFE membrane
Filtration classF9, M (DIN EN 60335)
Filtration class DIN EN 60335-2-69M
Dimensions (WxL(w/out handle)xH), mm655x655x1455
Max consumption of compressed air, liters of free air per minute
- factory default (1 pulse per minute)
- manual setting (up to 3 pulses per minute)

Installation weight, kg690 Kgs
Noise level<75 dB
Operating timecontinuous

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