Abrasion-resistant suction and delivery hose made of cast polyurethane profile, reinforced with a spring steel metal spiral, with a smooth inner wall for abrasive materials. Made in Russia.

• pressure-suction hose for transportation of various abrasive materials, as well as liquid and gaseous media;
• for transportation of powders, shavings, sawdust, paper fibers, granulates, etc .;
• to remove abrasive production waste, various fine-grained particles with an average flow density;
• in agriculture for transportation of grain and animal feed;
• removal of oil mist, gasoline vapors;
• for increased requirements for service life and abrasion resistance.

• high abrasion resistance;
• long service life;
• smooth inner surface;
• antistatic;
• optimal flow characteristics;
• flexible;
• high tensile and tear strength;
• excellent characteristics of overpressure and vacuum;
• sealed, impermeable to gases;
• does not contain plasticizers and halogens;
• good chemical resistance;
• good resistance to oils and gasoline;
• good resistance to UV and ozone.

Construction / material:
• Fixed spiral made of spring steel
• Wall of hose: 100% polyester-polyurethane with refractory additive (more abrasion-resistant than polyester-polyurethane)
• Wall thickness between spirals 0.8 mm (RH-PUR EXF)
• Wall thickness between spirals 1.5 mm (RH-PUR EXH)
• Wall thickness between spirals 2.3 mm (RH-PUR EXH Plus)

Temperature range:
-40 ° C to +90 ° C
peak temp. up to +125 ° C


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