SFL filters are versatile, cost-effective, fully automatic self-cleaning modular continuous filters with compressed-air pulse regeneration. Flat pleated cartridges are used as filter elements. Cartridges are installed horizontally, 6 and 9 pieces in a row, from 1 to 4 rows up. Filtration surface area of one module ranges from 36 to 216m2. The filter is designed for continuous operation to clean air or gases from various types of dry loose dust, with an input concentration of up to 50g/m3. The SFL filter is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Its modular design allows achieving the required capacity by choosing the size and number of sections. For dust discharge, the series uses containers for dust collection (drums of 60 and 100l), equipped with manual cut-off valves to block the discharge point when the drum is removed from the running filter.

• Aspiration of process and associated equipment
• Aspiration of pouring sites, conveyor belts, conveyors, and elevators
• Aspiration of crushers, mills, screens, refrigerators, mixers, and dispensers
• Aspiration of thermal and mechanical metal cutting
• Aspiration of shot blasting and surface treatment
• Aspiration of welding processes

SFL series filters are not intended for the following types of dust:
• for smoldering and self-igniting dust
• for fibrous dust
• for sticky dust
• for dust with a moisture content of more than 5%
• for cleaning air with temperatures above 80С


• Chemical
• Metallurgical
• Metal working
• Mining
• Food
• Pharmaceutical
• Machine building
• Production of construction materials
• Cement production
• Other industries

FilterFiltration area,
Capacity at
a rated load,
Number of cartridges in a filter, pcs.Compressed
air flowrate,
SFL-36/1362 70061620750
SFL-36/2725 40012112201340
SFL-36/31088 10018118201930
SFL-36/414410 00024124202520
SFL-54/1544 05091930920
SFL-54/21088 10018118301680
SFL-54/316212 15027127602440
SFL-54/421616 20036136603200
SFL-72/1725 4006212201070
SFL-72/214410 80012224201920
SFL-72/321616 20018236402770
SFL-72/428821 60024248403620
SFL-108W/11088 1009218301340
SFL-108W/221616 20018236602460
SFL-108W/332424 30027254903580
SFL-108W/443232 400362721204700
SFL-108/11088 1006318201380
SFL-108/221616 20012336202480
SFL-108/332424 30018354403580
SFL-108/443232 40024372404680
SFL-144/114410 8006424201670
SFL-144/228821 60012448203000
SFL-144/343232 40018472404330
SFL-144/457643 20024496405660
SFL-162/116212 1509327301750
SFL-162/232424 30018354603220
SFL-162/348636 45027381904690
SFL-162/464848 6003631081206160
SFL-216/121616 2009436302170
SFL-216/243232 40018472603660
SFL-216/364848 600274108905490
SFL-216/486464 8003641441207320
SFL-360/136027 0006+9460203700
  • Built-in fan
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Flat design filter cartridges
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Effective air cleaning system
  • Modular design
  • Available in ATEX on special request
DescriptionFiltration surface, m2Pocket material
CART-C-SFLAntistatic polyester
CART-T-SFLTeflon (diaphragm)
CART-TC-SFLAntistatic Teflon (diaphragm)
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