Filter-separator is being installed on the support frame in the place, determined by the project documentation. Filter-separator is a pocket filter with flat filtration elements. Regeneration of filtration elements is done on-line during working process, consequently in automatic mode (and also after switching the system off) by pulse purging by compressed air at 4-7 bar pressure. Activation of regeneration process is done on the basis of the pressure drop value between dirty and clean chambers of the filter. Number and length of pulses are being set up on the control panel. Cleaning efficiency of the dust capturing unit is 99.95%. Unloading of material, collected and captured in filtration module, is done continuously with lock chamber feeder or double cutting damper. Lock chamber feeder and double cutting damper provide portional unloading of collected dust, without additional suction of air or stoping of the system.


Capacityup to 1200 cmhup to 2000 cmhup to 3000 cmh
Filter reinforcement
-0.5 bar
Control box
1 pcs
Box with integrated magnetic valves
1 pcs
Residual dust concentration
less than 10 mg/m3
Standard operating temperature
from -20 °С to +80 °С
Optional operating temperature
from -40 °С to +80 °С
Temperature of inlet airflow
up to +150 °С
Filtration elements
10 sleeves
20 sleeves
Material of filtration elements
non woven polyester
Filtration surface area
10 m2
20 m2
30 m2
230 V, 50 Hz
Double cut damper/lock chamber feeder ZS200
1 pcs
Oil and moisture separator
1 pcs
Consumption of compressed air
7 m3/h
Pockets removing
to the side
Maximum operating weight
1300 kg
1500 kg
1600 kg

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