PROTECT YOUR WORKERS FROM HAZARDOUS WELDING FUMES During their everyday job welders are constantly exposed to dangerous airborne substances that consist both of very fine dust particles and gas components. Smallest particles of welding fumes can be easily breathed in and stay deep in the lungs virtually forever provoking different kinds of health issues and illnesses. The spot extraction of welding fumes during the process of welding is the most safe and advance method to protect the workers from such various illnesses or early retirement. WIDE RANGE OF SOLUTIONS FOR ANY KIND OF WELDING APPLICATION SovPlym offers very wide range of products and solutions for spot extraction of welding fumes. This range include SovPlym mobile filter units, capable of handling fumes and dust generated by temporary welding applications, SovPlym stationary filters that can serve as a central filtration units for fumes extracted from multiple welding posts and SovPlym vacuum units that are capable to extract welding fumes and fine dust through long flexible hoses of a small diameters.

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