SPECIALIZED EXHAUST EXTRACTION SYSTEMS FOR EMERGENCY UNITS For fast response units and fire brigades every second count in case of emergency. The vehicles must be always ready to go and leave the garage immediately without any delays. All actions of personnel are precisely timed and also should be as quick as possible. In case of emergency call, there is simply no time for disconnection of exhaust extraction nozzle of the extraction system or other service procedures. Keeping all these specific requirements in mind, SovPlym developed special types of vehicle exhaust extraction systems with special detachable extraction nozzles. These systems provide an automatic detachment of the nozzle when the vehicle leaves the garage ensuring that there will be no time delays or obstructions. FLEXIBLE, ERGONOMIC AND RELIABLE SOLUTION In order to reduce response time as much as possible all the equipment in the garage of emergency or fire brigade unit should not obstruct actions of personnel or movements of the vehicles in any way. SovPlym exhaust extraction systems equipped with balancers that support hoses and prevent them from lying on the floor, sliding carriages that follow all the vehicle movements inside the garage and simple and reliable nozzle connection mechanisms that ensures both easy and secure attachment and detachment of the extraction nozzle from the vehicle exhaust pipe.

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