SFN series filters represent versatile equipment used to perform various aspiration tasks in a wide range of processes. These are cost-effective, fully automatic self-cleaning modular continuous pocket filters with compressed-air pulse regeneration. Pockets are installed in one section horizontally, 12 pieces in a row, from 1 to 7 rows up. Filtration surface area of one module ranges from 18 to 126 m2. The filter is designed for continuous operation to clean air or gases from various types of dry loose, fibrous, and slightly sticky dust, with an input concentration of up to 50 g/m3. The SFN filter is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Its modular design allows achieving the required capacity by choosing the size and number of sections. For dust discharge, the series uses containers for dust collection (drums of 60 and 100 l), equipped with manual cut-off valves to block the dust discharge point when the drum is removed from the running filter.

• Aspiration of furnaces, cast houses
• Aspiration of silo and bunker loading/unloading
• Aspiration of process and associated equipment
• Aspiration of pouring sites, conveyor belts, conveyors, and elevators
• Aspiration of crushers, mills, screens, refrigerators, mixers, and dispensers
• Aspiration of thermal and mechanical metal cutting
• Aspiration of shot blasting and surface treatment
• Aspiration of welding processes

• Filters have no structural protection against explosion.
• In case of sparking application additional spark protection measures are required.
• Not designed for the temperature of flow to be cleaned above 80 °С.


• Chemical
• Metallurgical
• Metal working
• Mining
• Food
• Pharmaceutical
• Machine building
• Production of construction materials
• Cement production
• Other industries

  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Suitable for heavy applications
  • Compressed air filter cleaning system
  • Modular design
  • Two-stage filtration with additional module (option)
area, m2
Capacity at a rated load,
Number of pockets in a filter, pcs.Compressed
air flowrate
SFN-36/1363 50012224121,160
SFN-36/2727 00024248241,960
SFN-36/310810 50036272362,760
SFN-36/414414 00048296483,560
SFN-54/1545 20012336121,410
SFN-54/210810 40024372242,390
SFN-54/316215 600363108363,370
SFN-54/421621 800483144484,350
SFN-72/1727 00012448121,610
SFN-72/214414 00024496242,760
SFN-72/321621 000364144363,910
SFN-72/428828 000484192485,060
SFN-90/1908 65012560141,960
SFN-90/218017 300245120283,310
SFN-90/327025 950365180424,660
SFN-90/436034 600485240566,010
SFN-108/110810 50012672162,210
SFN-108/221621 000246144323,760
SFN-108/332431 500366216485,310
SFN-108/443242 000486288646,860
SFN-126/112612 00012784182,410
SFN-126/225224 000247168364,210
SFN-126/337836 000367252546,010
SFN-126/450448 000487336727,810
Article №Filtration surface, m2Pocket material
PF-C-1.5-SFNAntistatic polyester
PF-TC-1.5-SFNAntistatic Teflon
PF-HС-1.5-SFNWater-repellent antistatic
PF-A-1.5-SFNAramid (heat-resistant)
PF-AС-1.5-SFNAntistatic aramid (heat-resistant)

*Non standard item.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Different models of SFN Filter unit and its spare filter elements and accessories are available on special request. Please contact us or our authorized representative.

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