Heat-resistant hose SP- HOSE-200 is intended for a complete set of exhaust devices and for use in exhaust gas removal systems as a part of exhaust reels and rail systems. The hose is suitable for removing exhaust gases from gasoline(petrol) and diesel engines. Made of durable material resistant to deformation, chemicals, and temperatures up to +200 C.


1. Outer spiral.
2. Additional wear-resistant shock-absorbing profile.
3. Hose wall: Neoprene-coated polyester fabric.

• Very good heat resistance
• Vibration resistant
• Good streaming performance
• Very flexible
• Shrinking 1: 5 axis
• Very light
• Small bending radius
• Lasting
• Special clamping method ensures high tensile strength of hose material and outer coil
• External steel spiral protects against wear
• The outer protective profile is made of elastic wear-resistant material

• For removal of exhaust gases, resistance to repeated driving.
• For medium pressure, for the removal of exhaust gases from combustion and diesel engines.
• Removal of exhaust gases from engines with temperatures up to +200 °C, provided that the suction funnels are used correctly and an adequate supply of clean air (approx. 50%) is ensured.
• In all exhaust (suction) systems, such as:
– exhaust coils;
– rail systems;
– stationary exhaust systems.

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