DCA-M mobile mechanical filters are designed for capturing and cleaning air, contaminated by soldering, tin-plating, laser engraving and marking, point and arc welding processes; and dry, unsticking, nonfibrous dust of low concentration.

Filters have three stages of filtration:
— preliminary filter of galvanized multilayer notched net (washable)
— HEPA H13 GOST R EN 1822 fine filter (accumulative, non-regenerable)
— activated carbon filter (non-regenerable)

Fumes and aerosols are captured by BEA extraction arms, which are to be ordered separately, depending on required reach radius and lighting option.

Intended operators
• Industrial enterprises
• Laboratories
• Engineering workshops
• Educational facilities

Rate of working recommendations
• for semiautomatic welding in an atmosphere of shielding gas – expenditure of welding wire up to 30 kg per month
• for manual arc welding – expenditure of welding wire up to 15 kg per month

For more intensive applications self-cleaning DCSC-M-5 and DCSC-M-6 are recommended.


• Compact size and light weight
• Robust metal case
• Big casters (two of which are with brakes) for uneven floors
• Light indication of cartridge critical dirtiness
• Activated carbon filter for removal of toxic gases and scents in standard trim
• Washable preliminary filter for main cartridge protection from sparks and large dust particles
• 230 and 400 V variants

Composition and working principle

1. lid;
2. filter module frame;
3. fan frame;
4. outlet grill;
5. carbon filter;
6. rotating caster with brake;

7. power cord with grounding;
8. door;
9. HEPA (МК-005) cartridge;
10. preliminary filter;
11. control panel.

1. Air-dust flow is sucked through extraction arm be a fan. Contaminated contours protective screen and preliminary filter (item 10), which evenly distributes the flow and protects cartridge (item 9) by capturing large particles.

Air goes through cartridge filtering material, leaving small contaminants on its surface. Cleaned air then leaves filter through through outlet grill.

2. With time dust layer on cartridge surface grows and resistance to airflow get bigger, which indicated necessity of cartridge replacement.

IMPORTANT! Extraction arm is to be ordered separately.

Parameter or characteristic 
Part number
Max airflow, cmh
Built-in fan power, kW
Voltage, V (Frequency, Hz)
230 (50)
400 (50)
Control panel power, W
Cartridge displacement
Cartridge model
Filtration class according to GOST R EN 1822-1
Final filtration stage
Carbon filter
Noise level not more than, dB
Dimensions without handle, mm
Air inlet diameter, mm
Quantity of air inlets
Weight not more than, kg
(without extraction arm)
Control panel protection class according to GOST 14254 (IEC 60529:2013)
PictureArticle №ModelDescription
FF-MFCPreliminary filter. Made of galvanized multilayer notched net (washable).
134024МК-005Main filter. Air fine filtration H13 (GOST R EN 1822).
Filter surface area 25 m². Material – fiberglass.

134035CF-MFCCarbon filter. Depending on workload, needs to be replaces 1-2 times a year.

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