DCA-M mobile filter unit is designed for extraction and cleaning of welding and soldering fumes as well as for fine dust generated by grinding processes.

Due to its capacity, usage of DCA-M is recommended for temporary works or low intensity applications.

DCA-M units are supposed to be used with one standard extraction arm, which is ordered separately. In addition to long-life fine filtration cassette, DCA-M can be equipped with additional carbon filter cartridge to absorb gaseous substances and odors.

Industries and applications
• Welding processes
• Dust extraction
• Soldering

• Not suitable for explosive or combustible substances
• Not suitable for continuous operation and for high-intensity applications
• Not suitable for materials that tend to smolder or self-ignite


  • Simple and robust design
  • Big dust capacity of the filter
  • Easy movement of the unit
  • 220V and 380V units are available
  • Additional carbon filter (option)
  • Compatible with all standard extraction arms
Article №ModelMax airflow,
Filtration surface, m2Filtration classPower consumption, kWWeight, kg
5352DCA-M-1200 (220V)100025F91.1100
5353DCA-M-1200 (380V)
  • Built-in fan
  • 4x castors
  • Power cable with plug
  • Control panel
  • Filter cartridge

NOT INCLUDED in the delivery set, ORDER SEPARATELY: extraction arm.

Article №ModelReach area, mBuilt-in light
6130*BEA-M-2SLwith light
6131*BEA-M-3SLwith light

*For extraction arms with built-in light additional lighting kit (art. 6053) is required. See list of accessories.

Article №ModelDescription
6389sCF-002Carbon filter for DCA-M
11121sCF-002Spare filter cartridge for DCA-M
6387sFF-3000Washable aluminum mesh pre-filter for DCA-M
6053sL-DCA-MLighting kit for DCA-M

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