EC allows to reduce the consumption of energy for the central extraction system as it will work only when needed.

In most common cases each of the workstations of the extraction system is equipped with sensor of a certain type. When workers starts to weld, sensor sends signal to the EC energy control devices which in turn starts the fan and extraction systems commences to work. After welding is done, sensor stops sending signal, and if there are no other working posts the EC shuts off the central fan of the system, therefore saving energy and reducing unproductive operation time.

EC Energy Control device is one of the components of the Intelligent Control System. Please contact your local SovPlym representative for more information.


Input voltage:                                   380V, 3-phase, 50 Hz

Output voltage:                                380V, 3-phase or 220V, 1-phase

Switching relay for power up to:  5,5 kW

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