ICE-LC control box is required to operate the AD automatic damper which are used in the central extraction systems with many suction points to cut off the points that are not in use in certain moment of time. Dampers are electrically driven and are controlled automatically through ICE-LC control box.

ICE-LC control box can work with and receive signals from different kind of sensors.

ICE-LC control box is one of the components of the Intelligent Control System. Please contact your local SovPlym representative for more information.


Protection class:                          IP66

Operating temperature range: 0 ° – +40 °С

Store temperature:                      -10 °C

Voltage:                                          110-120/208-240 V, 50 Hz

Fuse:                                                0,4 A

Damper operating voltage:         24V, 50 Hz

Fan switch off delay:                    7 sec – 6 min

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