SVP-5000 stationary panel is designed for extraction and separation of dry coarse and medium size dust. Panel effectively captures dust at distances of up to 1,5 m. During the work process operator should position himself in front of the panel facing it.

To facilitate the work and positioning of the parts it is recommended to use turning console or support.

SVP-5000 panel must be connected to the extraction ventilation system with fan of appropriate capacity. It is highly recommended to use an appropriate SovPlym filter unit in the extraction ventilation system.

Industries and applications
• Grinding of welded surfaces
• Metal stain cleaning
• Surface treatment

• Not suitable for extraction of dust or aerosols of explosive substances or aggressive vapors and gazes


  • Special shape of the panel ensures effective extraction
  • Reduced airflow capacity required
  • High separation efficiency, can be used as a preliminary filter unit
  • Easy installation, additional mountings are not required
Diameter of
air duct being
connected, mm
Dimensions of
uniform suction
panel, mm
of suction
hood, mm
Height of suction
panel inlet central axis
above the floor, mm
Effective cross-section
of uniform
suction panel, m2
air flow rate,
Air flow velocity
through uniform
suction panel,
Dust bin
Suction dimensions:
height, mm

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